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Buyer’s Guide


Adrianne’s guide for buyers

Are you in the market for a home? Buying a home can be both exciting and frightening all at the same time. As the housing market changes, it is always a good idea to work with a knowledge profession that can understand your need and to be able to find you that perfect dream home. Here are some pointers to help you prepare for your next big purchase.

Where do I begin?

It looks like your journey has already begun by visiting our site! Being a well-educated buyer is a best measure when buying a home. You will want to get familiar with your needs and wants from a property. Your desires of a home of your dreams may be in reach but first of all you will want to talk to an agent like Adrianne to help you understand the process.

  • Knowing your financial situation is very important when buying a house. You should first determine how much you could spend on a house before shopping for one. Unless you are a cash buyer, working with a good professional loan officer can help you in obtaining the right loan for you.
  • Location, location, location! What is it about a location that is important to you or your family member? Is it close to work, school, or church? A good open discussion about your home location can help narrow down your decision making process.
  • You can also get great information about a location using the Internet. Isn’t Google great? Getting familiar with the city or town for shopping, restaurants, and school district is highly recommended.
  • Condo, townhomes, single family, and or even a multi-unit home are choices you are faced when purchasing a home for you. Finding a suitable spacious home should also be discussed with you and your family. Would 2 bathroom or 2 ½ bathroom work for us?

How I can look at some homes?

You can make an appointment with Adrianne to start looking for homes when you are ready. There are many ways to choose homes to view. Being a seasoned expert, Adrianne and combine both your needs and wants in a home that you are looking for. She’s also very tech savvy and can set up notifications for you when a new home comes on the market. During a showing, you can ask many questions you may have and you will appreciate her expertise in the real estate industry.

For a showing request, please call 847-947-2478 or use the form to contact us.


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