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Seller’s Guide


Adrianne’s Guide for Sellers

Selling a home can be challenging if you ask anyone that’s gone through the process of have done so yourself. As a seller you want to sell it quick as possible for the most amount of money. It sounds easy enough, right? Being an experienced Realtor and having seen the changes in the housing market, an expert can help home in the art of selling your home to achieve a seller’s goal.

Getting Ready to Sell

· Clean house – having a clean home to show for your prospective buyers is highly recommended.
· Nice lawn – a presentable front lawn is something a prospect will see first. Trim the bushes, mow the lawn, add some fresh mulch, pick up leaves, and put out some planted flowers for a friendly welcome feel.
· Clean driveway – Do you have dirt stains or oil stains on your driveway? A good power can do the trick.
· Paint – A fresh coat of paint can go a long way. Not only does it look and feel nice, you will end up organizing the areas around it.
· Fixtures – Do you have outdated chandeliers from 1972’s? A quick stop at Home Depot can do the trick. An updated light fixture can enhance the feel of the home. Having a brightly lit home is recommended.
· Remove your pets – Do you have any pets? Make sure that the home is free of any pet odor and pet hair for the prospective buyers. Remember, not all buyers will like pets. Sorry little guys!
· Hide or remove your valuables – Although your home will be shown by license Realtors, they will be strangers. Put away anything valuable into your safe.
· Personal photos – Replace your personal photos with something less personal. The more a buyer can see himself or herself in a home, more chances they will like it.
· Be ready to show – Having your home available to show will make it easier for an agent to schedule a showing for their clients.

Many people ask if upgrading a home will get more money when selling a property and the answer to that question is, it depends. Many variable such as marketing time, comparable sales, and the extent of upgrade can determine the profitability of the sale. In another word, doing a $50k kitchen upgrade may not equal to an increase of your home sale of $50k or more. In the other hand, a $5k bathroom upgrade may be favorable for both the buyer and the seller for a reasonable increase in the sale price. It is wise to speak to an expert agent such as Adrianne in regards to doing any major upgrades.

Remember, the first impression is the only impression you will get from a buyer so make it a good one!

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